"Seduction of The Hypnotic Ribbon"

 After the student council meeting, Takuma Kano was getting ready to leave school.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

 "It's getting late... I'm not going to make it to cram school on time..."  Takuma goes to cram school every day after school to prepare for the university entrance exams. The university Takuma is aiming for is one of the most difficult universities in Japan to enter and he always ranks in the top three in his school. Takuma's teachers have high expectations for him.

 The lights were still on when he passed by the gymnasium as he was leaving the school in a hurry to go to the school.

 "I wonder if anyone is still out there?" Wondering, I peeked inside through the leaky lighted gym door and saw a woman in a leotard dancing...

 "Asamiya-san ......" Takuma was shocked to see the woman.

  Asamiya Satsuki is a female student in Takuma's grade. Asamiya is the top student in her grade. Asamiya is the ace of the rhythmic gymnastics team and always places in the top ranks at competitions. 

  She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful personality. She has a cheerful and kind personality. She is popular with both men and women, and it is safe to say that all the boys in the school admire her. She is truly the Madonna of the school.

  Naturally, Takuma also admires her. However, he had never been in the same class as her and had never spoken to her...

 "Practicing this late..."  I forgot to go to cram school to watch Satsuki, sweat pouring down her forehead, practicing so hard. And the beautifully proportioned leotard... I felt my whole body heating up.

"How beautiful she was... " I watched Satsuki dancing beautifully, absorbed in her.

 Then Satsuki began practicing her ribbons. The ribbons danced brilliantly in a twirl. You will find a lot of people who have been in the market for a while now.

 Suddenly, he realized that the spiral of the ribbon was being spun around towards Takuma... "What?!" Did she know you were spying on her? He tried to remove his gaze from her, thinking it was bad, but he couldn't remove it... Takuma's gaze couldn't take his eyes off the whirlpool.

 "Ah.... ah..." as he watched the whirlpool spinning, he was struck by the sensation of his consciousness gradually being sucked into the whirlpool... his thoughts grew heavier and his consciousness grew distant...

 "Come on. I know you're peeking in there! Come on in!" Satsuki said, swirling her ribbons around, and the door slowly opened, and Takuma stood there, vacant-eyed and dazed.

 "Huh? Student body president?" You will be able to find out that it is Takuma who was spying on you.

 "I didn't think it was the student council president who was peeking in... Come here!" As Satsuki told him, Takuma walked to Satsuki with a dizzying gait.

  Satsuki stopped the ribbon, 'no, not if the student council president peeped in. If everyone in the school finds out, we're in trouble!' Satsuki chuckled a little, but Takuma stood there in a daze, not reacting in any way.

 ''Hmmm. My hypnotic ribbon has totally hypnotized you! Student Body President. You've been hypnotized by my hypnotic ribbon act! Do you understand? Answer me when you understand"


 "That's a good boy. Then I'll put you into a deeper hypnotic state! See, look at the ribbon again..."  Satsuki began twirling it in front of Takuma again.

 "See... look at the ribbon... look at the ribbon vortex... and your consciousness is being sucked deeper and deeper into... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper... deeper and deeper. Becoming..."  TAKUMA went into an even deeper hypnotic state.

 "That's it! You are in a deep hypnotic state, and you are absolutely obedient to what I say! Do you understand?"


 "Then I'll have to punish you for peeking in on your own. First of all, take off your clothes and get naked!"

 "Yes..."  Takuma began to undress as Satsuki ordered him to do. Satsuki smiled at him.

 Takuma took off his clothes and stripped naked as he was ordered. However, Takuma is expressionless.

 "Come on. Next time, I'll wrap this ribbon around your body so that you can't move!" Satsuki began twirling the ribbon around and around Takuma's body.

 ''Ugh!'' Takuma felt his body tighten as if he was being coiled by a snake. Takuma couldn't move his body at all.

 "You have a ribbon wrapped around your entire body and you can't move a single muscle. And from now on, I will caress your entire body with this ribbon. You will be able to feel as if your entire body has become a sexual body when this ribbon strokes you. My whole body is very sensitive!" Satsuki moved the ribbon to lightly touch Takuma's body.

 The mere touch of the ribbon on Takuma's arm gently sent a numbing sensation through his entire body. 

 ''Oh? Your student body president is so sensitive! Next time!'' The ribbon touched Takuma's thigh.

 "Auu!" Takuma shouts out in pleasure.

 "Fun! Come on, feel more!" Satsuki used the ribbons to stroke her entire body, including her belly, chest, back, and ass.

  Takuma's entire body was shaking with pleasure. And his penis was swollen and more erect than ever before.

 ''Maa! Your cock is getting so big! I wonder how good it would feel to have a ribbon twisted around this growing cock..." Satsuki was excited to see Takuma's growing penis.

 "Let's start with this area!" Satsuki's ribbon touched the base of his penis.

 ''Ah!'' Takuma's whole body jerks around...

 ’'Good response!  Next time I'm going to stimulate the tip of my penis!’’ I let the ribbon flutter and touch the glans. A large amount of pre-cum spurted from the tip of his penis.

 ''Well, I'm going to wrap the ribbon around your penis one last time and give you a twirl! Your penis feels so good!" Satsuki began twirling the ribbon around his erect penis as if she were wrapping it around him.

  The ribbon touched his penis in a swirling motion.

  ''Ahhhhh~! I can't believe it~!" The ribbons twining around his penis stimulated his entire penis, and it was a pleasure he had never felt before.

 "Come on. It's going to make you spin faster!" Satsuki moved her hand further and increased the rotation of the vortex. Giving his penis a pleasurable sensation.

 ''Ughhhhh~! I'm going to ejaculate!” Screaming out in pleasure, Takuma's dick shot a huge amount of semen from his penis...

 "Great! You jumped out with such vigor!" Satsuki seems happy with Takuma's magnificent ejaculation.

 "Well? Student Body President. Doesn't my ribbon feel great?" Takuma was immersed in the afterglow of his ejaculation when Satsuki asked him.

 "Yes... ribbon... ribbon feels so good..." Takuma had become a prisoner of the ribbon.

 "Of course it does! Doesn't the ribbon feel good? But from now on, there's no more snooping. And don't tell anyone what happened today. Do you understand?"

 "Yes... I won't peek anymore... I won't tell anyone..." Takuma stood there with an empty face even as he ejaculated, as if the hypnosis had taken effect.

 "Good boy! From now on I'm going to make you feel good about your penis with my hypnosis ribbon. After school, you will be hypnotized by my hypnosis ribbon! I'll make you ejaculate comfortably." 

 ''Yes... please.'' Takuma's expression was filled with joy.

 ''Uh-huh. I'll have plenty of fun from now on!" Satsuki smiled bewitchingly as she stared at the semen-stained ribbon...

"Seduction of the hypnotic ribbon"






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